Hello, I’m Mike Manzano. I’m a QA automation engineer who moonlights as a freelance full stack software engineer. I studied Informatics at the University of Michigan where I discovered that I love to create things and that I’m obsessed with design.

In school I played for the rugby team and dabbled as a DJ for spare change. Although I’m no longer an athlete, you can still find me digging for records or mixing music.

When I’m not writing code, I like to explore other interests such as impractical PC gaming builds and anything mechanical such as watches or most things with a motor. I’m infatuated with motorcycles both new and old — I rebuilt and rode a 1969 Honda CL350 in college. I enjoy motorsport, particularly the Isle of Man TT, F1, and Group B rallying from the 80s, an era that I have a soft spot for in general. And I’ve recently developed a liking for older Porsche 911s, specifically the 930 and 964.

Last but not least, I can never get enough of travel and food exploration with my wonderful girlfriend Jess.

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